Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I seriously can't believe class is ending in 2 days. I am currently in the hallway with a few other Freedom and Justice students waiting for Nolan to advise me on my Plato essay. I did some revising from yesterday but I still have a few questions about my thesis and topic sentences. (This portion was written at around 4:30 PM)

It makes me really sad knowing that after I leave Saturday afternoon, I'm probably never going to see the majority of the people I've met here ever again. A few live in California, but there are students literally from all over the country and even the world. I'm trying to make my last few days here the greatest but it's a bit hard when our final paper is due tomorrow and our final is on Friday. 

Today we continued our discussion on Marx but focused on The Communist Manifesto. I apologize for having to keep this blog post extremely short. I've been working on my Plato essay all day!

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