Monday, July 1, 2013

Tomi Balogun Presents: The Hilton Hotel

Finally, it was here--the day of our presentation. Although, my group and I had prepared a lot the day previous, I still felt a bit nervous, with my sole comfort being reciting my lines over and over again. 
After woke up at 6:30 AM, I met with the rest my group in front of Robert Purcell Community Center at 7:15 AM and together we walked towards our classroom, practicing all the while. 

My group was the slated to be the fourth group to present. After anxiously sitting through three presentations, it was finally our turn. We ran through our presentation with relative ease, and although it wasn't perfect, we still gave a commendable performance. In fact, when our presentation ended and we were immediately met with praise from not only Mark and Renata,but our classmates and teaching assistants, as well; they all complimented us for our presentation's originality and informativeness. People also complimented me for being able to overcome my shy, demure nature and speak in a clear, loud voice.

I'm glad that I was one of the first groups to go, as it allowed me to focus on enjoying the remaining presentations, instead of stressing over my own. Although a tad bit redundant, the following presentations were both engaging and educational. 

Eight presentations later, we broke for lunch for an hour before reconjourning inside Statler's main hall. Mark and Renta then had us pose on the staircase for a class photo. We huddled up together, six people per step, and smiled for the camera. 

Withe the picture done with, we resumed the presentations. Once we went through the remaining presentations, we filled out a rubric wherein we evaluated ourselves and our group members. After everyone had completed their evaluations, Mark and Reneta announced that they would be cancelling today's office hours, much to the classes' glee. 

With the rest of the day to ourselves, Rochelle, Michelle, and I decided to meet up with Jenna and Mr. Chan-Law inside Cornell's student store. When we arrived at the store, we each picked out a piece of Cornell memorabilia. 

Overall, today was a nice day. I was able to give a satisfactory performance, as well as greatly improve my presenting and writing skills. I'm very proud of what I accomplished today and I hope to continue to grow as a speaker.

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