Sunday, July 7, 2013

Coming down to the last week

I haven't been getting enough sleep for the past few nights. Setting my alarm at 9:30 AM, I woke up once at 6:20 AM, again at 7 AM, once more at 7:25 AM, and finally got up at 8:35 AM because I really could not fall back to sleep. I turned off my failed alarm, slowly got ready, packed my class materials, and met up with Christian downstairs at 10 AM. We walked together to the computer labs at RPCC (Christian was so kind to study there with me even though she had a laptop of her own) to get some studying in. We then ate lunch in the RPCC dining halls and headed back to Christian's room to work on our essays soon after. We kept working and before we knew it it was already 5 PM. Today has been a very productive day so far. I've been revising my essay and taking out my reading whenever I run into writer's block. Christian, Jenna and I are also planning on peer editing each other's essays in about a half hour.

Yes, I've made some amazing friends in my Freedom and Justice class, but my cohort has definitely been my biggest support team here. Whenever I need help with literally anything, all I have to do is call them and within about 10 minutes, Jenna and Christian will meet me somewhere to form a study group within 10 minutes. I am so grateful for having friends like them but ultimately for the program allowed us all to bond, grow and learn-- the Ivy League Connection. Sitting here realizing that this is the last Sunday I'll spend here at Cornell has made me suddenly reflect on every single thing that's happened to me here thus far. I am officially two-thirds done with this course and I will be on a plane flying back to California in less than a week. As much as I don't want to think about it, everything is running through my mind. Things are ending, and I'll be checking out of Ithaca in 6 days.

If I look at this situation from a different perspective though, I still have about a week left-- a week to focus, work to my best ability and possibly even make it the best week of my life. Even though I know I will get very emotional as this summer program comes to a close, I do want to finish on a good note. Our final draft of the Plato essay is due Thursday, and we will officially end the course with a final exam Friday morning. Until then..

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