Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The rain is back?

Well, we're back to the random downpours! It honestly started raining at the weirdest times. And when I mean weird, I mean when it's completely sunny out. 

This morning, I woke up in a panic after misreading my alarm clock. I thought it was 8:01 AM (that's when Monica, Tess and I usually walk down to breakfast) but it was actually just 7:01 AM. I have no idea what caused me to wake up so suddenly but my actual alarm didn't even go off until a half hour later. After staying wide awake for the next 29 minutes, I was definitely tired when I actually had to get out of bed. I still haven't been getting a good night's sleep and I'm not sure why. I still have a stuffy nose, a cough and a really sore throat! Hopefully I can still perform at the talent show this Friday! 

Today Professor Kramnick began to lecture on Karl Marx and his belief in communism or socialism. When someone thinks about communism, one might automatically start forming ideas of communal sharing. However, if you were to read deeper into Marx' actual writing, you'll see that it was more complicated than that. Learning about something you thought you knew but really did not fully understand is always eye opening. During our discussion session, Nolan handed back our 2nd drafts with more feedback. I was very pleased to read "This is a nice improvement from your last draft." as the first comment. However, I still had a lot of revising to do. 

After lunch, we had our final speaker for this course: Allan Mittman. He spoke to us about a case involving the ice cream companies Haagan- Daz and Frusen Gladje regarding intellectual property theft. It was interesting to see the back and forth arguement each side offered and we even got to do a bit of role playing by splitting the room into the two sides. 

Nolan left me some really helpful advice for my Plato paper, but I was still a bit confused as to what exactly he was looking for. Therefore, after class, I went to his office hours for more assistance. There, he was able to help me formulate more points I could have made in my body paragraphs so each one could add something new and fresh to my essay. It helped immensely and now I feel a bit more prepared about turning in my final draft Thursday.

After reading a bit more of Marx, the cohort met up with Mr. Chanlaw so we could all have dinner with Yueming, a former WCCUSD student who is currently attending Cornell University. Yueming gave us so many helpful tips on everything from how to manage your time wisely to how to apply for college. She also gave us great insight on her experience at Cornell thus far and why she chose to attend this university originally. She then talked to us about both her struggles and accomplishments and that was what really inspired me. Being able to talk to someone who went through exactly what I'm about to go through (regarding college apps, high school resumes, grades etc) was really nice. I enjoyed the dinner and I definitely learned a lot.

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