Thursday, July 11, 2013

The End is Here

Today was the last day of regular class. As Professor Kramnick delivered his parting speech, I realized how much I am going to miss this class. Three weeks sounds like a long time but in fact the days flew by before I had even realized July had come. 

Our last lecture!

The last lecture was not particularly special, until the end when Professor Kramnick said his farewell. He recited a few lines from Mark Twain's War Prayer, which surprised me because Christian, Tamilyn, and I had read the same text in our AP Language and Composition class. We Herculeans are so relieved Mr. Litvin's English class has helped to prepare us somewhat for this class.

The drawing on the board is a portrayal of Kevin as a philosopher king with his catch phrase "Intrinsically."

We also drew balloons and provided a kind string of praise of our "Best 1st TA Ever!"
Our last discussion section was enjoyable, and before Kevin arrived we took the opportunity to decorate the board. He has been having a hard time lately with a bad cold but he still comes to class and section and did not try to cut corners and take it easy because of his health. We wrote farewell messages and even took a group picture with him after the session was over. 

Kevin is in the center, dressed in his characteristic plaid shirt and shorts.

I will definitely miss the many hours spent discussion mind-blowing philosophies, even if it meant enduring the heat in the cramped room ( we were the only discussion group without air conditioning). Everyone was much more friendly than I had expected, and I hope I will encounter more of these people when I attend a real college class. 

The final exam is tomorrow! Forty percent of our grade is on the front line!

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